My absolutely amazing find: Indiana’s free artesian wells

My absolutely amazing find- Indiana's free artesian wells

Do you ever stumble across something you never knew about before but suddenly become super passionate about? I do that at least twenty times a day, and my latest passion is something you’d probably never guess: Indiana’s free artesian wells. To be fair, 99% of you are probably asking: WTF is an artesian well? Artesian wells, very simply, are wells …


The curious case of Stepp Cemetery (Morgan-Monroe State Forest)

The curious case of Stepp Cemetery (Morgan-Monroe State Forest)

You don’t even need to blink to miss it: deep within the woods of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest lies a strange historic cemetery rumored to be wildly haunted: Stepp Cemetery. From ghosts to satanic cult meetings, this beautiful little slice of Morgan County has it all. In real life, Stepp Cemetery is what’s known as a “pioneer cemetery”; essentially, it’s …