Indiana, Not Abroad: Oldenburg

Indiana, not abroad- Oldenburg

Oldenburg: a 160,000-strong Lower Saxony city located on the rivers Hunte and Haaren. Full of glorious historic buildings and sedate walking areas, Oldenburg seems is a small-town European paradise. But forget all that! Welcome to Oldenburg, a tiny town of around 600 that seems, in true Indiana fashion, to have more churches than residents. Tucked away in a quiet spot …


Weekend Escape STL

Weekend Escape STL

My trip to and stay in Saint Louis was generously provided by the Marriott St. Louis Grand. The tourism board of Saint Louis, Missouri did not pay me to gush about my weekend escape STL – promise. All opinions are my own. In typical fashion I got excited about the wild outskirts of a city and my husband was half-asleep …


Indiana, not abroad: Edinburgh, Indiana

Indiana, not abroad: Edinburgh

Edinburgh: Scotland’s vibrant capital city of 450,000+, so venerated that it seems half the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Full of brogue, universities, and plenty of history, the Edinburgh across the sea is high on the top of every European traveler’s must-visit list! But forget all that! Welcome to Edinburgh (or Edinburg depending on what year the sign …