Downtown Indianapolis Street Art Walk

Downtown Indianapolis Street Art Walk

I’d been waiting patiently for a break in the foot traffic for several minutes before the good-natured heckling from the group of men a few doors down reached its peak. “What are you doing standing around here?” “Do you need some help crossing the street?” “Girl, that wall hasn’t changed for a while.”Sensing a lull in the crowd, I ignoring …


Crown Hill Cemetery, I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis - Let's Love Local

Just a few days left – please take a moment to fill out my two-minute survey here! I was not raised a spiritual person. I never went to church or was forced to participate in religious activities or had any real interest in being involved in any of that. Christmas was the tree. Easter was a giant rabbit. Even now, …


3 FREE Spots to See Downtown Indianapolis from Above

Although I’m that person who sits with a death grip on her travel partner/armrest during a flight, I’m not at all afraid of heights. I hate the lack of control an airplane brings, but as long as I’ve got a solid floor under my feet and a big glass pane to press my nose against, I’m good to go! While …