Cheap entertainment hack: Groupon ‘Things to Do’

Cheap entertainment hack: Groupon 'Things to Do'

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. Between moving apartments, changing jobs, and paying for transatlantic flights for my husband, I’m back to eyeing every penny. In direct opposition to that, I’m also (as usual) keen to keep my free time as busy and as fun as possible. In my never-ending quest to try something new at least …


10+ free weekend activity ideas!


I’ve recently taken to examining my spending a lot more closely than normal. I’ve got some big(ger) travel plans in my head and I’m ready to have some money in my bank account so I can actually get traveling! Because of that, I’m trying extra hard to value experiences over things that cost money. Because even if you’re living with …

Stay warm: Indy’s Garfield Park Conservatory

Stay warm: Indy's Garfield Park Conservatory

Ah, Garfield Park Conservatory… Last year my husband and I moved to Indianapolis just as the weather was starting to get really chilly. (In fact, it was just about a year ago – wild!) We spent long hours wandering around all the different neighborhoods, but eventually we couldn’t feel our toes anymore. Somewhere warm was in order. After some internet …