Indianapolis neighborhoods guide: five faves

Indianapolis neighborhood guide: directions to Indianapolis neighborhoods

As soon as I moved to Indianapolis, I realized it was truly a city of neighborhoods. People lived somewhere very specific and had very pointed preferences regarding which neighborhood was the best to do x, y, or z. I definitely play favorites in my head, but I’d like to encourage all of you to get out and see them for …


10,000 steps Indianapolis: a downtown guide

10000 Steps Indianapolis- a walking guide

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve come around to the use of an activity tracker, particularly when it gets me outside and seeing new things. In honor of that, I figured I should show off my city in a way that helps other fanatics get in their steps for the day. Yes, all 10,000 of them. May I …


Fountain Square street art tour


Some people may be hesitant to say it, but I’m not afraid to admit it: I’m a location snob. It’s true: I have some very specific preferences for the ‘hoods where I spend most of my time because let’s be honest, sometimes downtowns can seem a bit passe with all of its deference to commerce and mainstream tourism. The suburbs… …