A weekend guide to Indianapolis

A weekend guide to Indianapolis

While I wouldn’t consider myself an Indianapolis expert (yet) I have made some valiant efforts to get out and see what’s good in my new city. I’d like to think I’m slowly on the path to becoming a well-informed local. How? You see, to me, traveling like a local consists of two main things: Asking. Quiz everyone you meet. Stalk …


3 FREE Spots to See Downtown Indianapolis from Above

Although I’m that person who sits with a death grip on her travel partner/armrest during a flight, I’m not at all afraid of heights. I hate the lack of control an airplane brings, but as long as I’ve got a solid floor under my feet and a big glass pane to press my nose against, I’m good to go! While …


A True Hostel in America: Indy Hostel

After traveling on a budget throughout the world, one begins to expect plenty of low-cost sleeping options. Whether it’s a $10 hammock on a hot, loud Nicaraguan beach or a $15 bed in a cramped, 10-bed dorm room in an Eastern European city, hostels are there and (usually) (relatively) enjoyable. I’m sorry to say, foreigners, that in America this is …