Spice up your life with these everyday adventure ideas


Yes, I may harp on about it sometime but guys: adventure is not always about jetting off to far-flung jungles or sipping cocktails from coconuts on a pristine beach. Sure, those sound like amazing adventures, but fun can be found close to home too.

As one lovely blog wrote, “…adventure is not about a particular place or activity; it’s about the spirit in which you do things.”

So if you can relate to any of these symptoms:

  • your bank account frowns on any international airfare;
  • a full-time job doesn’t give you weeks of time off;
  • you’re saving big money for loans/car payments/rent, etc;
  • some sort of responsibility ties you to one place;

this post – and these close-to-home, everyday adventure ideas – are for you.

These ideas came from a small email boot camp I ran a while back. If you like any of the everyday adventure ideas and want to try them out for yourself, click for more details and you’ll be brought to the full post!

Local Adventure #1: take a commute break

“WTF is a commute break?” I hear you asking. “Commutes are already bad enough!”

They are, it’s true, but think about it. As you walk, drive, or cycle to work, how much do you really see of your surroundings as they flash by? I’d bet most of you wouldn’t be able to describe many details of your route, simply because it’s become one big blur.

So simply enough, a commute break is the decision to really experience your commute route and do something routine-breaking between leaving work and getting home. More details here.

Local Adventure #2: translate your dream trip

Hate to break it to you, but for most of us our wildest dream trip probably isn’t a near reality. But that’s OK. We’ve got other ways to satiate your wanderlust without denting your wallet or taking all of your time off! We’re going to translate your dream trip into everyday life.

That’s right, one weekend afternoon or night spent immersing yourself in a different culture and (hopefully!) forgetting you are where you are. More details here.

Local Adventure #3: find what makes your local unique

When you live somewhere a long time and get complacent with it, it can be really hard to find those special places or experiences that make somewhere unique. Having said that, every city or town has something unique to offer, even if they’re in the quietest corners of the world.

With this challenge, find out how to find those special places that make your local totally unique! More details here.

Local Adventure #4: take a mini-road trip

While the idea of a road trip might evoke a top-down convertible hurtling down a great American highway, the reality is that a road trip can be so much simpler. Some of the greatest adventures I’ve been on have emerged from a brief look at a map, choosing a nearby town, and driving out to see what’s there!

Find out how to plan and execute the perfect mini-road trip! More details here.

Have some everyday adventure ideas of your own? Please share them in the comments below!

  • Ray

    Thanks again for reminding us that travel doesn’t necessarily have to equate to “out of country” or “out of State” to be meaningful.
    Ray recently posted…Indy Brews – Flat12 BierwerksMy Profile

    • AMEN! (Now I’m off to ready your Indy archives for some inspiration!)

  • Another great post about local travel. I love it! We’ve been trying to trade holiday abroad for exploring our current country – especially that we may not live here forever and I always love it. I didn’t even think about it but I love the idea of immersing myself in a different culture even in the local environment – I definitely will do a day of Asia culture soon 😀