The best city guides to travel like a cool kid

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Have you heard about the upcoming Love Local Travel Two-Week Boot Camp? It’s a two-week email course meant to shoot you mini-challenges designed to get your out and exploring your local – are you in? The boot camp starts Monday May 30th and will not run again. Take the challenge by signing up below: Sorry, registration closed! Guys, I’m not going to lie: I love research. Whether it’s academic or personal, there’s not much I … Read More

Join the Love Local Travel Two Week Boot Camp

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love local travel two week book camp

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “I’m bored and there’s NOTHING to do here!” “I wish I could travel, but I just don’t have the time or money…” “I’d rather live anywhere but here – nothing ever happens!” Yeah, we’ve all been there. (I’ve definitely been there.) But, to be quite frank, you’re short-changing yourself and your surroundings, not to mention you’re missing the potential for a lot of everyday magic in your … Read More

Delphi, Indiana: the abandoned bridge

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As I peered through the gap left by a rotten railroad tie, the lazy waters of Deer Creek swirled and eddied some 60 feet below. While heights don’t usually bother me, there’s something about rotting wood and a nearly-collapsed foundation that makes every step a little shaky. Built in 1891 as part of CSX’s railroad from Louisville to Chicago and abandoned in 1987, I came across the Monon High Bridge as I do most of … Read More

Indiana, Not Abroad: Oldenburg

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Indiana, Not Abroad- Oldenburg, Indiana

Oldenburg: a 160,000-strong Lower Saxony city located on the rivers Hunte and Haaren. Full of glorious historic buildings and sedate walking areas, Oldenburg seems is a small-town European paradise. But forget all that! Welcome to Oldenburg, a tiny town of around 600 that seems, in true Indiana fashion, to have more churches than residents. Tucked away in a quiet spot an hour east of Indianapolis, the “village of spires” seems to be the perfect spot … Read More

P.C.S. #1: Food for Thought

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Pretty Cool Stuff #1- food for thought

P.C.S. (Pretty Cool Stuff) is a compilation of some of the best stuff I’ve been reading around the internet. This week? We’re tackling some of the philosophy and deeper thoughts behind traveling. Let’s start off with an awesome guest post all about how you can support local communities when you travel. So important! I love this post from A Globe Well Travelled about whether we’re actually enjoying and experiencing our travels “IRL”. Amanda of Chasing … Read More

Weekend Escape: Saint Louis

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Weekend Escape- Saint Louis

My trip to and stay in Saint Louis was generously provided by the Marriott St. Louis Grand. The tourism board of Saint Louis, Missouri did not pay me to gush about their city – promise. All opinions are my own. In typical fashion I got excited about the wild outskirts of a city and my husband was half-asleep in the passenger seat, so we missed our exit and overshot downtown by a couple of exits. … Read More